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"Georg Trakl.Art and Drug"

The decisive work used as the factor by which SUGIOKA@Kotoku who was still the student of the German subject of study of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies submits as a master paper, fails bigoted of professors in confusion instantly, and will be banished from a university in 1999. By this, Sugioka has given up the way of academicism and followed life as author .

Georg Trakl is the greatest poet of the German expressionism at the present which Austria of the beginning induced in 20th century.

But Trakl was also a heavy junkie. Paying attention to this point, as for the writer, the drug affected this poet how, or the drug reformed art activities how primarily, or the drug was [ why ] wonderful or investigated -- thoroughly.

The result was pleasant.
The professors wasn't able to understand this book at all, but he "extols it" as "I have insulted learning" and whether "whether academicism to be profaned", and I have been denied doctoral course entrance into a school of higher grade.
Literature, art, drug, crime, insanity, avant-garde art -- I recommend this weird book to everyone that is interested in these things . The book review which SUGIOKA wrote for is also a must.

I will also add that Friedrich Nietzsche ("Birth of tragedy") and Walter Benjamin ("Root of the German tragedy") also caused rage of academicism intense at their first work, and were banished from academism.

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